Get better value from your IT investments

For 40 years companies have been investing heavily in IT solutions and there is an overwhelming and commonly-held sense that organisations rarely achieve value for money from their investments. The answer is not to stop investing, nor is it to […]

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Are public Cloud and SAAS the only way?

So much noise! But can you really say for your organisation what the options and benefits might be? What is the difference between hosting and Cloud, how much management will we need to do, can we integrate Cloud data with […]

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Smart Analytics – making it happen practically

There are now so many choices of analytics tools, where do we start? Most organisations nowadays are deploying multiple toolsets, for different reasons, and are finding it way too complex. Those who opt for a monolithic data warehouse find it […]

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Simplify management of E-Business Suite with Configsnapshot

Effective management of Oracle E-Business Suite setup is essential. Whether implementing or extending applications, performing support or undertaking patching and upgrades, organisations must ensure work can be done efficiently, accurately and with minimum risk – while maximising the benefit to […]

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Big Data – From Catwalk to High Street

Depending on where you are in the big data journey, you are probably either thinking ‘what on earth should I be doing?’ or ‘what’s all the fuss about – we’re already doing it as business as usual’. The aim of […]

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