It’s Friday – a joke about consultants

A shepherd was tending a vast flock of sheep when an expensive 4x4 screeches up and a guy jumps out in an Armani suit. He says, 'I bet I can tell you exactly how many sheep you have. And if I can, you have to give me one of them.' The shepherd thinks to himself, there's no way he could do that, and takes the bet. The Armani guy takes out his laptop, presses a few keys, zooms in on a satellite photo of the shepherd's hill, and uses some software to count the sheep. 'You've got 432 sheep exactly,' he says.

Despite himself, the shepherd is impressed, and he shrugs and says, 'A bet's a bet, take your pick.' The guy picks one up and as he's putting it in to his 4x4, the shepherd says. 'I bet I can tell you your profession. And if I can, you give me that back.'

The guy thinks there's no way this shepherd knows what I do for a living, so he agrees. And the shepherd says, 'You're a consultant.' Well, the guy is amazed. 'How did you know that?' he asks. And the shepherd says, 'Firstly, you turned up unannounced. Secondly, you told me something I already knew. Thirdly, it's cost me an arm and a leg. And fourthly . . . I really, really, really would like my sheepdog back.'