Meetings in Early May

10th May: Oracle is banging the drum again about Big Data and is beginning to couple this with Business Intelligence (unsurprisingly). I'll be at an Oracle event on the 15th May and will let you know any interesting news (as long as I am not under NDA of course).


9th May: Attended an IBM Oracle event (affectionately also known as Red on Blue). Curious to be in the middle with a bunch of partners and frankly a set of old mates in the presence of IBM's Oracle champion, Fiona Martin.


9th May: Met Joe Murray, who works in the Cognos group within IBM. He gave me a great insight into how IBM defines Business Analytics. Of course IBM has yet another definition that largely suits their portfolio! Focusses more on predictive analytocs than Oracle, and less on prebuilt BI content for source applications. Look under the covers and they have a perhaps surprising breadth and versatility of software. Same old concerns of how does it all integrate and who can I find who knows the big picture?